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Healthcare Providers as Information Management Companies

Despite the ultimate healthcare delivery “endgame” remaining uncertain, it’s difficult to argue that the industry will not continue to shift from “volume-based” to “value-based.” The path this evolution takes will not be the same for every organization or market and timelines will vary. Regardless, the new model will require healthcare providers to operate in a fundamentally different way. At the same time, advances in data analytics and information technology are enabling providers to do transformative things that, in the past, were simply infeasible. New technologies, and the advances in data informatics and meta-analysis, offer healthcare providers new tools to enhance their clinical practices, care delivery and operations. Emerging offerings that integrate clinical, financial and operational data and include sophisticated analytic capabilities are unlocking new levels of clinical effectiveness and operational efficiency.

The implication of this confluence of disruptive industry forces for healthcare providers is clear: if you are in the healthcare delivery business, you are in the information management business. The management and effective use of data, informatics and technology will be the key to healthcare providers meeting the demands of engaging, providing access to, and caring for, the consumers and populations they serve.

This paper addresses the implications of providers as information management companies and frames how to best meet the new challenges that will emerge.

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